meta to launch AI chatbots with human-like personalities

Meta intends to launch AI chatbots with human-like personalities, a strategic move aimed at improving efforts to retain users. Sources have revealed that prototypes of these sophisticated chatbots have been in development, with the final products possessing the ability to engage users in conversations on a human level. A diverse range of chatbots will be unveiled, each with distinct personalities.

Meta’s staff have been referring to these chatbots as “personas.” Each persona relates to a different character and showcases a unique identity. For instance, insiders have revealed that Meta has been exploring the creation of chatbots mimicking the speaking style of former US President Abraham Lincoln, alongside others designed to provide travel advice with the laid-back language of a surfer.

what is the objective of the ai chatbots?

The primary objective of these AI-driven chatbots is to offer personalised recommendations and elevate the functionality of search operations. However, they are also being strategically positioned as sources of entertainment for users. By engaging users in lively and interactive conversations, Meta aims to boost user engagement and retention rates.

A robot waiting in a modern office for a job interview.

Nevertheless, the advanced capabilities of these AI chatbots raise concerns regarding potential rule violations and inaccuracies. In response, sources have indicated that Meta is considering the implementation of automated checks to ensure the precision of the chatbots’ responses and their alignment with platform regulations.

During Meta’s second-quarter earnings call on July 26, 2023, CEO Mark Zuckerberg highlighted the positive reception of the company’s latest product, Threads, which seeks to rival X (formerly known as Twitter). Zuckerberg expressed contentment with the growing number of users who engage with Threads daily and confirmed that user retention remains the company’s primary focus.

Nonetheless, Meta’s foray into chatbots raises valid concerns regarding data privacy and security. The company is poised to gain access to a substantial volume of user data, a circumstance that has previously resulted in legal challenges for AI enterprises like OpenAI.

The potential impact of these chatbots on revolutionising user experiences and improving Meta’s user retention difficulty remains to be observed. Presently, both users and experts are closely observing Meta’s moves in this domain.

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